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Happy New Year!!!

January 1, 2010

Happy new year everybody!!!!!

So every year, Most people always have new years resolution… .the most common ones are –

10. Get Organized – Am not soo organized honestly… i need to start doing more of that!!

9. Enjoy Life MORE – I agree 110%…!

8. To move away and start anew – Well.. y would you want to start anew ?? running away from something… i say try and face it… if you cant… find somewhere safe and warm! sayonara!! 🙂 (but still it cant be that bad!)

7.  To drop out of school and go on tour – hmmm ok… if you are not the daughter or son of William Gates, Warren Buffet or even Li Ka- Shing then NO!

6. Learn something new – i think this is a Really good idea…. i love learning something new.. if you know anything cool, let me know!! might try it!

5. Excersise a little more – ok yep… excersise a little more… not more than usual! ( you know am talking about u! )

4. Eat a little less – Oh please!! i say eat when you want to! eat as much as you want until u feel full…. i dont understand why you have to starve yourself… maybe if you eat 3 times a day a little bit of snacks here and there.. and you go to the gym or do some sort of excersise! then your good to go!! 🙂

3. Losing Weight – (is it me or are we seeing a pattern here???…..)

2. Get FIT! – This is MY NUMBER 1!!! I might be tiny but i am sooo not fit!! am sure my baby cousins are more fit than i am! i need to hit the gym this semester!!! and get me a fit and nice body :)) * hope i can do it!**

1. Stop Smoking – this is not a suprise…. most people want to quit smoking and i’ve heard that its very hard… well if this is one of your nw yrs resolution! GOOD LUCK!! 🙂 If you need cheering , email me!

So i was going through some stuff and i came across this – New year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out in the other .. IS that true ??

Happy New year people!!

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