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“would you be my baby daddy” “can a heart still break after its stopped beating”

January 2, 2010

I was going thru the movies that are opening this year and i think some of them are going to be very interesting!!! i made a list of some  movies… some of them are sequels, some new and some hmmmmm, i’ll let you decide…. you can watch the preview by clicking on the picture.

The Book Of Eli

hmmmm no comment 🙂

Starring  – Denzel Washington.

Valentine’s Day

I am soooo going to watch this movie! i know its gonna be somewhat cliche. There are soo many cool actors in it namely – Julia Roberts, George Lopez, Bradley Cooper, for all the New moon fans – Taylor Lautner, Jamie Foxx, and even Taylor Swift is going to be in the movie, i guess she’s trying a new route in the hollywood scene….. and sooo many more! It kinda reminds me of He’s not that into you… not the storyline, but something about it.. Anyways, this am definitely going to watch!

Dear John

From the producers of “The Notebook”

I loved that movie!! am sure alot of people did.. I think this movie is going to be good.. maybe not a hit like the notebook but a nice movie.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – The Lightening Thief

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo EXCITED about this movie.. A friend of mine introduced me to the book series and it was really good.. I think there’s a trend setting here, few years back, we had Harry Potter (Witches and Wizards), last 2 years, we got Twilight (Vampires and Werewolves) and now the greek gods have their own Movie ! The director of the first  and second Harry Potter is directing this movie so am expecting the best!!!! Its about a boy who is a demi god and tries to make things right with Zeus.. can you guess who is god father is ? (God father, lol).

Why Did I Get Married, too ?

If you watched the last one, then you might agree with me that it was a good movie. The 80/20 rule was something some people got out of the movie which is somewhat true i guess.. I just watched the preview of the 2nd movie and it was very intense… i wonder what happened! guess we have to watch it to find out..

“Would you be my baby daddy ?”

Yes Dear, this movie is going to be Mad!


If you thought angels are supposed to be all innocent and pure and all angelly,  i dont think you’ve seen the ones in Legion…. and grandma’s were kind and sweet hearted, just get to the first 33 seconds of the preview.. i was like wooow!!! very freaky stuff…. A must watch..(if i have the time! 😦 )

“Lets work on your surprised face!”

I love any movie Amy Adams stars in. This movie is fun, romantic and funny. She goes to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend, and ends up with a guy she did not expect to fall in love with..,,we’ll see how it all ends!!

Time would erase Everything”

I loved playing the Prine of Persia game, if only i have time to finish it! Finally somebody decided to make a movie! Am not sure if its going to be very good… but am excited to see if its gonna be a hit. It kinda reminds me of Assasin’s creed game… Anyways, Jake Gyllenhaal is the main character , hope he can pull off being Prince Dastan.

ooooooooooooooooooooo i’m kinda excited and not excited about this movie at the same time  cos i thought it was going to end with the 1st movie.. didnt seem like there was going to be a 2nd movie.. but since they produced it, cool! I just hope it is as wonderful and  fab as the last one!! Its set in New York and somewhere hmmm hot, with lots of sand and hmm camels ?… i wonder where… but anyways!! its gonna be interesting, wonder what fashion dos and dont’s are going to come up from this movie!

Ok, we watched the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and now the FINAL one is coming soon. Am not sure if this one is going to be all that good… the preview was kinda boring and dont get me wrong, am sure the kids would love it!!. I might just watch it ( maybe not) . The story has just gone on for too long….

Now THIS is a movie everybody should be excited about!!! This is going to be one of the BEST movies of this year!!! Tim Burton is the producer and we all know he makes the most amazing creepy movies, even Coraline was creepy…  Johnny Depp is going to be one of the main actors and i think he is a very talented actor and is sure to do a great job in this movie…. I cant wait to watch this! Any movie Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider are in is going to be more than HILARIOUS!

Some other movies coming are the Chronicles of Narnia, You again, Red, How do you know, the Karate kid and many more i didn’t have time looking for…

SO am done dishing out some, not all… of the movies that are coming out this year! i hope i get to watch some of them 🙂 Hope New Years was fun for everybody! Mine was really fun and nice! Byee!! :)) Have a great day!

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