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March 24, 2010

What is the difference between Service for and Service with ?

Community Service –

It was when I got to this country (USA) that I started being involved in my community by volunteering and doing community service. Back home, I never thought about it and right now (in my room) I feel ashamed! I can’t believe I never even thought about helping children or even going to hang out with the children at the orphanage or things like that.  So my Advisor was talking about the difference between SERVICE WITH and SERVICE FOR . It is something that I would always have at the back of my mind.

Lets start with SERVICE FOR….

What does that mean ??

When people say – Am going to AFRICA to build wells to help the people there because they don’t have water, or I’m going to CHINA to TEACH them how to speak English, or something like that, that is Service for. You have a plan in your head to go there, fix their “problem” and leave a lasting impact. I understand that.

Service with on the other hand is when you ask the people with this “PROBLEMS” questions like – how can I help you ? what is it you need ?? how can we help each other, and sooo many other questions. It is like a relationship. This way you build lasting friendship and a strong connection even though at the end of the day, you might not build your well.(Lol).

MY point is that, whenever you are going to do COMMUNITY SERVICE in another country, or even in your country, don’t think of it as a job. Think of it as an opportunity to learn, observe and understand other people’s behaviors, how people communicate, how it can help you grow. Always ask before you you assume different things.

SOOO I started painting recently… LOVE IT!!! It makes me sooo HAPPY.. 🙂 I’m not that good, but I’ll post some pictures of them! let me know if you think its good! :))

Think Happy thoughts!


Anyways, I need to go study now.. and listen to Pandora!!

Have a good day!!!

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