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April 13, 2010

Right now, am supposed to be doing my Tax paper that’s due on thursday and my Japanese workbook that’s due on Wednesday (oh NOOOOO!!!).. But I can’t concentrate, and amazingly I don’t want to sleep and its 3:02 am!! I just finished playing with make-up (usually do that when am bored).

So whats been on the news lately!

Poland’s President Died, along with his wife and a lot of people.

Lech Aleksander Kaczyński

You can click on his picture to find out more about him. Something interesting about him is that he was an actor along with his twin brother. May his soul and everybody that died on the Plane rest in peace (Amen).

I went to watch Why did i get married, too ? and it was really good. But the ending was somewhat stupid ? well not stupid but I was like wth ? Some of the concepts in the movie were good, and true. Listen carefully to the ways you can know your “partner” is cheating! I  honestly think its easy to know when somebody is cheating especially if it’s a guy (sorry guys!) but its true. “IF YOU THINK HE’S CHEATING, HE IS!!” I agree 100% but just be careful about approaching it! 🙂

Ok, am going to try to go to bed now! I need to wake up by 8:30am!

I just need INSPIRATION to do my school work!! maybe I’ll just stare at the stars on my roof (glowing stars , lol)

Have a great day!

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