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Clothes, Shoes, what else ? Kisses!

June 27, 2010

Its been a while since i posted something online ^-^ I’ve been super busy, taking French classes!! yay!  and its summer! 🙂 Soooo because am bored now, and am taking a break from studying, we are going to have a little fun. Today, my best-friend(Ife) (I have two best friends) and I went “shopping” lol and I got the inspiration to do something related to it. I’m going to make combinations of clothes and comment on them… some are my kind of fashion, some are what people are wearing, and some are what I notice, or what my friends notice! ooooo and am going to show you something  that actually works well for girls!! Ok lets begin – Top – Forever 21 – $13

Shoes – Forever 21 – $17

Heavy Stitch Shorts –   Wet seal – $17

Double Strap Shoulder bag – Forever 21- $25

Faux Pearls – Forever 21 – $2.80

Mixed Bangle set – Forever 21 – $12

This is something I usually wear, its cute, very comfortable and not too expensive, I especially love the top with the bows! 🙂 Short shorts are “IN” now, but I’ll advise you to buy the length you are comfortable with because I’ve seen some girls pulling down their shorts which is not good especially if you are out with friends. So wear the shorts you are comfortable with! I always wear pearl earrings even though they are not real 🙂 they make a simple outfit look somewhat élégante.  You can always mix and match, not necessarily buy from forever 21, i know other stores like H&M, Dorothy Perkins, asos sell styles like this.

You can find these items at They sell really cheap clothes and my friends and I are  their regular customers.

Mint green 2-in-1 top – $80 – Debenhams

Jersey Pencil Skirt – $40 – Dorothy Perkins

Leather belt – oasis stores

Shoes – Jessica Simpson – $45 – $75

Bag – $70 – Debenhams

Last semester I had to wear business casual every other day, I was always running out of what to wear. If you are a working girl , you’ll probably like this.  I’m sure you are like, hmmmm this is way too expensive, I’m a student! well I also can’t buy them :)) Lol, I just love them and you can definitely find them cheap at Macy’s, h&m, asos and a lot of other places!!

The top is really nice, it has a sweater and cancels out wearing a blazer/ a jacket  (Especially now that its freaking HOT!). Always get a fitted pencil skirt, not too short! The shoes are lovely! , I actually have them and they are super comfortable, I got them at Macy’s. As usual, accessorize however you want to, not too much though.

One-shoulder satin jersey dress – Expensive – Net-a-porter

Tinazata – Shoes – Extremely Expensive( if you are a student!)

Floral chain-link necklace – $45 –

Bangle set – $15 –

Ring – $35

I love to dress up and go out! even if it’s just to eat sushi or go to club (where i usually don’t dance ehem!). I love black dresses, there is just something about them that call me to buy them, almost all my dresses are black and somewhat short :). I personally think black dresses make you look slimmer than you really are, that is if you buy the right kind of dress… I’m currently obsessed with shoes!!!! I wish i could buy myself Christian Louboutin Shoes, they are sooo gorgeous and super high! But anyways, you can find cheaper shoes at,, and many more!

That ends my shopping spree 😦  so now for what i said girls would absolutely LOVE. If you have a boyfriend, or you want to get one, or you just want your lips to look  K-I-S-S-A-B-L-E… lol, watch the video below, i tried it, my best friend(Oria) tried it  and it works!!I know some of you are like, are you serious ? well I was bored and I love her YouTube videos, Enjoy!

Have a wonderful week!!

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