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July 6, 2010

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a lot of fun with my best friends. It made me think about soo many things that has happened in my life so far… I decided to make a list of 5 memorable days…Not that they are more important than some other things that have happened, but they are the ones that come up when I actually sit down to think about it.  I will state how old I was, and the story…

  1. 4 yrs oldOctoberI will never ever forget this day! It was the day my little sister bit me on my stomach. I guess I was very stubborn back then, and was somewhat bossy… My little sister thought it wise to keep me quiet by biting me. This day was my other little sister’s naming ceremony and there were many people in the house. I remember crying for about 3-5 mins (or more) and reporting to my dad. Obviously, that wasn’t enough because of the 100 or more guests we had, I remember going to every table shouting SHE BIT ME ON MY TUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! And pulling up my shirt (good thing I was only 4 years old!) to show them the bite marks… at the end of the day I forgot about it but the mark reminded me the next day of what the evil girl did to me!
  1. 16 yrs old April I had never in my life cried soo hard until this day. You know the feeling you have when something terrible has just happened and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it?  Well on this day, a very very dear friend of mine’s dad died and it felt like my own father just died. At first, it didn’t hit me, but then the heartbreak started. I remember going to the living room to tell my mum because I couldn’t tell anybody else and the next thing I knew I broke down in tears, I couldn’t even say why I was crying, I just fell down and she was very confused.. I cried for more than three hrs until I fell asleep, I got the courage to tell her what had happened and I was devastated… I didn’t even know what to tell my friend and today whenever I think back, I feel that in a way, my view on life changed… I learnt something important and still live by it (I hope)
  1. 14 yrs oldSenior highI was not a big fan of liking boys or even thinking about liking anybody but this year, something changed and somebody made an impression on me. At first, I just liked the way he said things, he was funny (and if you know me, I love people that make me laugh), he was very cute (to meJ) and bold (I think). We were never in the same class until this yr and I noticed him. I was always shy to talk to him and would send my friends to talk to him. We became somewhat “best friends” and I would tell him everything (I mean EVERYTHING). He was my first crush and meant a lot to me. I remember reading with him, chatting and texting him until it was morning… FUN TIMES! We are still friends now 6 yrs later! J
  1. 17 yrs old AugustUniversity. This was a different setting to me. I was used to going to school, going back home where my mum cooked for me, seeing my sisters and my brother cause chaos, hearing my mum shouting at them to behave and I’m just minding my own business. My first day of class was scary!!  Even though I knew what my college algebra professor was saying, and I knew I was going back home in a couple of months to my family, I was scared, terrified and sad!! I had no friends, nobody to talk to and absolutely no idea where my next class was. I was always on my Mac book(which I absolutely LOVE), and waiting for my then boyfriend to call me or text me or something!!!! Then I met three girls and a woman (LOL) that changed my life (am sure I changed their lives too)!! I’ll say they are the best thing that happened to me, and they still are!!
  1. Present dayJuly I went out with my two Besties (Beasties)!! I had never had as much fun on my birthday as I did with both of them… we went for dinner and a movie (Grown ups) which was HILARIOUS!!! And talked about everything (almost everything). It’s just funny to me how 3 different girls, can meet in such a weird place and be really good friends. We have extremely different personalities, different outlooks on things and different upbringing. However, there is something we have in common, we are SINGLE… and there are many reasons for that!

For all the single girls out there, I was looking at some single women quotes and I found this very nice

“Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.”
– Sex and the City

OK am done blabbing ! Am off to read for my French test! Au revoir !  À toute à l’heure

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  1. Akinyemi Thomas permalink
    December 31, 2010 9:53 am

    😛 :p :p

    i love yoor wordpress..i ddnt knw you wrottee 😦 😦

    soo hu is this boy u were reading nd texting all night??? the one yo noticed?? Is that what your parents sent you to school to doo?? I shall reportt youuu!!! lmaaooo

    well im goin to leave you to guess who this iss??? but im sure you doo.. Who else will say this kinda thing, it just has to be a Thomas..lool..

    I loveee yourr pagee!!!!!!!!!!

    • December 31, 2010 5:20 pm

      Awwww Kinyemi!! Thank you!!!! You are too Funny! lol!

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