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August 4, 2010


Using Basic mathematics, we are going to look into the lives of the people who you will meet in life NO MATTER WHAT.


These are people who add value to your life. They are always there to tell you when to do the right thing, let you know when you are about to make a mistake, and are always there to give you good advice. These people are sometimes your friends, mentors, supervisors, and most commonly Parents. They do not necessarily need anything back from you but just want to keep helping you grow. They will do anything to make your goals and dreams come true.

2 +2 = 4, 3 + 3 = 6 , 2 + o.1 = 2.1 , 2 x 2 = 4, 3 x 3 = 9

Even if they add little value to your life, they are still helping you grow positively.

I read these stories on

A few years ago, I was waiting for a bus when a teenage boy came up and hugged me.

He walked away without a word. A few minutes later, he came and hugged me again.

I asked him why he did that. He said it looked like I needed it

I was suicidal that day and have always wanted him to know that he Gives Me Hope”

“Today, an 8-year-old died in a fire.

He was going back in to save his 17 month old baby brother.

The courage of this little boy Gives Me Hope”

Be an addition to somebody’s life it doesn’t take much!


Obviously, these are people who take away value from your life. I like to call them the blood suckers, fake people, destroyers, and parasites. They take but don’t give back. They are people who are out to make sure you don’t succeed in anything that you do. I’m sure you have met people like this. I know I have. Hopefully you know how to handle them.

Just today “

MANCHESTER, Conn. – A driver caught stealing beer from the warehouse where he worked agreed to resign Tuesday and then as “cold as ice,” one of his victims said, went on a shooting rampage, killing eight people and injuring two before committing suicide ” full story

That is so sad. May the people who died soul’s Rest in peace.

Hopefully, you help add value to somebody’s life.

Wannabe Wardrobe

I recently embarked on a journey to put clothes together and imagine if they where mine…..

So as usual, I’ll put different clothes in a set and let you know where they are from, and where you can get ultra cheap ones.

Inspired by somebody – Crop top look 🙂 I just looked for everything and pieced them together!

No Way top – $34 –

Tie Dye Cut – Off shorts – $250 – Wow…, $18.99 🙂

Irmah flats – $185 –, $29.99

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer –  $ 145, $9.80, $9.99

Next Outfit –

Crop top –  $24.99

legging style jeans – $145 –, $29.99

Alexander McQueen canvas and leather peep toe  boots – $485 –, $43.99

I love the 2nd set’s top, shoes and the 1st sets top. They look comfortable, and they are really cute. I looked for cheap versions of the expensive ones for us comfortable people.  Sometimes am happy people make similar looking designs, so we “moderately comfortable” people can afford look-a-likes, until we can afford the real thing! 🙂

Products am using now  that I think are worth talking about 🙂

0 – I love Tinkerbell! She is so cute! 🙂

1. Even better Clinical  dark spot corrector – If you are like me, and you have teenage left over pimple spots, you will love this! As the name says, it helps correct dark spots! I’ve seen minor improvement on my face, and I’m sure if I keep using it, it will definitely work. It’s very mild, not too oily, and makes your skin super soft! It’s a bit pricey though….. $49.50. But I still love it! Hopefully I get results quickly.

2. 3-Step Skin care – The cool thing about this is that you can go to clinique’s website to take a test that will show you the products they think you should use. I’ve been using this for about 4 months now, and i absolutely love it!

3. Artliner – This is BY FAR the best eye liner I have EVER used!! It is AMAZING!!! It defines your eyes perfectly. The color is also very good and dark. I’ve been using it for about a year now.

4. Beauty Rush Mascara – I have used a lot of mascara , and this is one of the best. It actually brings out the imaginary eyelashes and does not leave it looking fake. They have it in different colors, but I’ve only used it in black. It makes my eyelashes look sooo long and pretty 🙂

5. Fresh Brown Sugar body polish – I got this on my birthday! Its a gentle moisturizing scrub. It smells extremely nice and is perfect for those days you want to spend 3 hours in the bath tub!!! It leaves your body super soft, fresh, and smelling great!!

Ok am done now! Am on vacation and this is all I could come up with for now!! 🙂 School starts soon and am hoping this year would be great!

Byee! 🙂

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