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The not-so-ordinary tales of Ordinary Travelers

December 20, 2010

Day (-1)

Am leaving very soon and i’ve not finished cleaning my room ! I lost my car keys!! annd I’m awaiting my results!! 😦 What more could happen to me 😦 So my bf 🙂 sooo kindly helped me while my two beasties helped me look for my keys until they embarked on another journey.

I decided to write about 3 different people’s experiences including mine while traveling, and where they are going, what happened, and interesting facts they noticed!! Its going to be fun! I promise! I’ll try and keep updating it as I get stories 🙂

So packing… I usually pack the day before I travel mostly because

1. I’m lazy

2. I dont have the time to do it

3. I “think” I have the time

4. Its easier ?? lol

5. I feel more prepared….

So I finished packing 5 hrs before my flight.. It was very difficult to pack most of my stuff.. I didnt know WHAT to pack and I messed up my room again (took my bf and I  2 days to clean it up!!! 😦 ) But I felt satisfied!

What I learnt

1. You do not have to pack your whole wardrobe

2. Dont pack jewelry cos you can always buy new ones and the ones you pack might break! (My ring broke! )

3.  Pack light… I had 5 bags – My laptop bag for my mac book, my big bag for my other laptop and to put stuff, and my carry on bag for change clothes then two bags I checked in.

4. Pack Change clothes especially if you are going from a COLD to HOT place!

5. Pack a Blanky (Thank you O! )

6. Take a book with you! You will get bored! (I was freaking bored!! )

7. Get the local currency…

8. Wear comfortable shoes… Especialy if you have to keep taking it off and wearing it back ( trés annoying!)


Whoever said travel light should meet most of the people at the airport and I that carry more than one luggage, also especially if you have kids… Gosh I usually feel bad for the women that have to travel with their little kids especially if they are at that age where they cry all the time. Well Anyways, I’m on my way back home and I had to leave atlanta to go to chicago.

On my way there something funny happened to me. I sat down with an IDN Guy and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love everybody like seriously and I’m not sure if it was the way I dressed in an h&m swaeter with my aldo (actually my lilttle sisters)wedge boots and skinny jeans that made him want to ask me some very disturbing things. Im not trying to belittle anybody but I felt very angry and disturbed about what happened.

First Question – Can I use your phone ? – *and of cos I let him use my phone to call his sister. How could I say no to a 50 smth guy ? I mean… I had to show a little respect. Afterall, Am going to sit with him for the next hr and a half, might as well be civil right ??*

Second Question – O, your ring, your boyfriend gave it to you – *I said yes!  So yes, my boyfriend gave it to me. * Engaged  ? *No. He is my boyfriend ( I SHOULD HAVE SAID YES!)*

Third  Question – Are you American or are you British ?, *No and No. I go to school here* O you are in your second year ? , *No, am in my 4th year*. So is your Boyfriend American  ?? *No, he is not, he is actually from SL.*

Moment of silence . I guess there is something about IDN’s and SL’S

fourth question – So you live here ??   give me your number and your name so I can call you sometime and we can meet up as friends **wink wink **you know, boyfriends don’t matter, since its just friends!

***In my head am going, WTH ?!! U freaking kidding me ?!!! But u know me, being all polite and respectful I gave him a fake number (and am sure he is going to get the real one from his sister! Damn! I should not have given him my phone to use!!! Arghhhh!! ) and gave him the fakest smile in the world!***

5th Question – Do you drink ? , *No sir, I don’t drink*. O me too. I just OWN liquor stores here in America. *O really. Ok.*

6th Question – Have you ever been to India ?. *No, but my best friend has and she loved it!* O I can take you there! In march maybe ??? –** ( At this point am laughing soo hard in my head and am like WOW.. I cant believe this)** Hmm, no, I’ll probably not be able to go….* No just as a friend you know, Just as friends.. Nothing more really.* Hmmm Yea, if I go am going with my boyfriend.* O your SL boyfriend….. Hmmm. OK.

Then the airhostess comes to give us water

~~About that – Is it that the economy is soooo bad that we don’t get peanuts anymore for domestic flights ?? Its sooo sad cos I was freaking HUNGRY!! Peanuts would have been really nice!!! ~~

The airhostess comes and she is like Wow you are so beautiful, Where are you from? , and I tell her and she’s like I used to live in TG and ABJ, the IDN guy is listening all through this and beaming like am his girlfriend or smth! She was super rude to him cos she could see how uncomfortable I was with him. (Thank you beautiful airhostess with two daughters for the compliment, am not that beautiful, you should see my friends and my sisters!! )

I took my book and started reading so he would leave me alone. But ooooo nooo. He kept on saying things like when I come to ND, I would have fun,just as friends. If he comes to atlanta next year january and calls me up ( Like a freaking Call girl) I should come once, twice and three times or more and that boyfriends don’t matter in this, he will take me to India.

I felt sooo insulted, Is this how people behave nowadays ?? I felt sooo angry!! But because I was brought up to be respectful to my elders, I respected this 50 smth yr old IDN Guy from ND.

My next flight was from Chicago to London

I ran as fast as I could so he would not know where I was going. But guess what…. We are in the same freaking plane to London But thank goodness, he is in 45k and I am in 25k! YAY!!

Is it ok to be rude when somebody starts coming on to you ? Sometimes I am, especially if

  1. He is my age mate or maybe 5yrs older than me. If he is 10 yrs older than me, I Show respect
  2. I told him I  have a boyfriend and am not interested
  3. I say I don’t want to talk right now.
  4. I want to talk to my friends
  5. I say no thank you, I don’t drink ,  –~~About this, I said I dnt drink to a guy once and he was like ok, how about water? I was like DUDE don’t you get it??!~~

Now am off to watch Sex and the city 2!!! 🙂

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