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January 28, 2011

Sex and the city 2 never finished because I slept off… But I thought

  1. Charlotte’s kids were so cute!!
  2. The costume designer was a bit too off… there were so many clothes in some scenes that I was like wow… I think that’s too much…
  3. Don’t go out with your first love especially if you know know know that it would lead to something really bad that you will prob regret! But if you will like to start that fire, please go ahead and tell me what happens!
  4. Abu Dhabi…. Better than Dubai ?? hmmm need to investigate! (I did! more to come about that!)
  5. My favorite scene was the wedding scene  Sooo pretty!
  6. My favorite dress that Carrie wore was when she went to meet her ex boyfriend
  7. My best friends and I have to go somewhere by the end of next year!

I woke up and was trying to find my way to my next terminal and that’s when I met Chi (Forgive me, I’ve forgotten her name…) She was so talkative in a good way and I’m soo quiet when you first meet me. All I could say to her was, yep, yep, yep. She talked a lot and this is what she told me or at least what I can remember…

–       She is a NGN from Chicago,  studying at Northwestern university, Her major is something that has to do with social working and she wants to work with children and women. She was wearing jeans and a cute gray sweater. She was a tad bit taller than me. She was def IGBO.  She talked a lot and we grabbed breakfast together. – chocolate, muffin and walkers (I love walkers!! Its way better than lays!!)

Soudain, we met WILL.I.AM.  At first I didn’t think it was him until a couple said by the way, whats your name, I think I’ve seen you somewhere before and he was like William, and then Will.I.Am. He was going back to New york and was probably the last to enter the plane. Chi got up, and went to take his picture, he was really cool! He looked at me, smiled,  and waved! but I couldn’t bring my self up to go take a picture with him… Reason – My STUPID camera was dead!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH At a memorable time like this!! ??? Can you freaking imagine!!! I was very sad cos he’s the first celebrity I have ever seen J

So we thought Will.I.Am was the last person to board the plane… Alas (I have always wanted to use that word) there was another guy and he was running like hell was chasing him! ! Lol. I felt sad for him cos they closed the gates after Will went in . He collapsed and started crying, I was like woah… its not that bad, u’ll just catch the next flight… but the next one was in 4 hrs… apparently he had an appointment and “they” had to fit him to their schedule… hmmm… next big musician ? or was it a design interview ? cos he didn’t look too bad…. But his voice def told me he was not into music… well.. hope all went well for him! “)

I would probably freak out and beg them to schedule me for another flight immediately or STOP THE PLANE!!! Tell them there’s an emergency, or they forgot someone’ s luggage, The captain is a fake captain?? … I could come up with a lot of excuses to make them stop but I’ll probably be in jail by the time the plane stops….

Alors apres 2 hrs of doing nothing but watching a scandal unfold in a drama , we (chi and I ) went to our gate… there were soooo many people!!!! and the captain was not bad-looking … lol..  the two of them where young and the women where old… being that this was a flight to NGN, I can understand why they had relatively old women and not young girls that would get angry easily and be called racist. lol… they prob also declined the offer.. LOL.

Flight from LON to LOS…

It was fun….

Things I noticed

  1. Too many people!!!!
  2. Children are growing faster than ever!
  3. Some NGN’s are extremely RUDE
  4. A lot of non-NGN’s  are coming into LOS.

I slept most of the way to LOS. I was tired and was not ready to eat plane food.. The only food I ate was the vanilla crème brulee snack and the salad. I was not ready to eat potatoes and meat… So I slept for about 2 hrs.. until the kids wanted to go to the bathroom. I was sitting with a family of 5, 2 girls, 1 boy and their parents… They where cute and they had a hint of british accents.. I was like how cute… the little boy was pure british. But it made me realize something… Girls are growing faster nowadays… She must have been 10 ? 11…

–          At what age do you tell your kids about what is happening to their body?

–          Buy deodorant for them,

–          Tell them to shower very very well! Cos they might be smell really bad if they don’t ?

I was thinking of how weird it could have been for my mum to talk to me about all these things, but I think it’s easier for guys than girls.. we go through so much .. SO MUCH!

I started watching Inception and again…. I didn’t finish it…. It was ok I guess.. I thought it would be all that but nope… It was confusing.… I’ll finish it when am going back… I will like to know what happened at the end. They spoke 日本語(Japanese) and I could understand what they where saying!! Yay!! 3 yrs in Japanese class is paying off!!!

Then I slept off! Lol… The family must have thought I was sick or something!

I woke up when we got to LOS… and I have never felt the heat wave this bad! IT WAS FREAKING HOTTTT!!!!


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