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10 Things I L.O.V.E’d About this Past Week

April 18, 2011

I haven’t posted anything recently, Mostly because I’ve been away on a very very long journey ( more than 17 hours journey by plane to CHINA!!!! :))) , and I was looking at other people’s blogs and I felt bad that I had not posted anything… So I decided to pick the things I liked about the past week and share it with you! You are going to like it (I think….)!

1. DAY 1 – The flowers are finally blooming, and I actually took this picture in China from the summer palace. They are so pretty….


2.  Day 2Conscious Collection. I recently (about 2 days) bought  a  $20 dress from H&M . Their conscious collection is all about using greener materials to make their clothes… I really like the material they used and the dress is GORGEOUS and I l.o.v.e it!!

for H&M!

3. Day 3 –  iPhone App of the day!! Instagram. It’s free and It’s awesome!

I took the first picture using it and it has more than 10 filters such as the Lord Kelvin which is one of my favorites!

I also took this picture and used the Instagram to make it show how she really feels!! Cool Huh???? Remember its FREE for iPhone users and I think Android users too!

4. Day 4Blog of the day

I love what she is wearing and I think it is very easy and comfortable looking. She says she’s “Wearing a vintage silk Indian robe from American Rag, Levi jeans, antique jewelry (love the citrine ring!), Prada platforms, and Coach woven leather bag.”

Her name is Karla Deras, I guess she started blogging 2008 ? (Since her blog started April 2008 ?) and she has evolved since then, gotten a new haircut and gotten better  because she has collaborated with vogue paris, American Apparel, instyleuk and many more… I love some of her outfits, they are really cute, easy to put together, and  you can actually see that she repeats some of her clothes but mixes them up…. You can click on the blog love below to see her blog!

5. Day 5Pink Screens – Today at work, I  realized that my screen was pink.. I think something is wrong with the internal light or something because as much as we tried to fix it, It is permanently PINK….

Lol. As much as it’s making me blind. That is one thing that made me smile today….

6. Day 6 – The song that keeps me somewhat happy and content is 2 a.m (breathe) by Anna Nalick! I think it is one of the songs that has a very mellow melody… sweet rhyming words that are just plain, simple and easy to understand. It just makes me happy….

7. Day 7Adverts that get shut down or exposed!

1. Wendy’s new advert on having the best fries!

2. Olive Garden’s “cooking” school in Tuscany

LOL…. It’s a very difficult crowd to please nowadays… say anything a bit “Far-fetched” and you could get yourself into trouble!

Wendy’s advert 2011 –

Apparently, “the fries use a stew of exotic laboratory chemicals to improve the fries’ appearance, flavor, and ease of cooking also,  Wendy’s adds dextrose, a sugar derived from corn, and sodium acid pyrophosphate, a chemical that prevents the fries from turning brown from two baths in frying oil .”  The sodium used is more than 50% what they used to have. Is that healthy ? or is it just sooo delicious that we don’t care what we are putting into our body system?? (Honestly, like the millions of people out there, I don’t know what am eating 50% of the time… except if I am cooking… which happens rarely nowadays!! )

Olive Garden’s Advert… I couldn’t find it but I found this –

According to a source, who said she was a former manager for Olive Garden, she said that “Olive Garden does not own the place and that, when she went there in 2007, they just booked the whole rustic hotel for the Olive Garden management and chefs…”

Hopefully I can post more about this week and the Upcoming week!!

Have a good day!!!

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