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10 Things I L.O.V.E’d About this Past Week

June 15, 2011

1. Day 1 –  Healthy food

I got home and I was craving chocolates, milano cookies, Biscof, and soooo many other snacks!! I asked my mum to please buy me snacks and guess what she got me ???!!!! Diet Chocolate Chip Cookies ( Which were absolutely not tasteful ; no milk!) and K special chocolate chip bars. I took the K special! I mean, might as well… Instead of dying from the diet cookies from hell!   

My mum loves healthy snacks, she’s all about the Nuts, Grains and Fruits. Her staple nuts are Almonds, Pecans, Pistachios, and Peanuts. She eats anything wholegrain! ANYTHING!! and there is no day you wouldn’t find red or green apples, grapes, pears and the occasional paw paw. She also eats at the right time and TRIES to teach us too.. I understand her because especially for women (Growing woman in my case), we have to stay healthy, eat right and take care of our bodies!

So I researched the benefits of  some nuts  and my favorite fruit in the world!, and these are what I found –

                                                                 Lets start piling up on the Nuts and Fruits!!

2. Day 2 – Book of the week! – Something Borrowed

I haven’t watched the film and decided to read the book before I did. I’m glad I read the book! It’s a very interesting plot and it was totally honest and very realistic. I wonder how I would feel to be Rachel or Darcy…. I think I’ll be more Rachel than Darcy… I’m not going to spoil it for anybody but at the end of the day… Friends are the Best but your heart will always overrule everything else! I just hope I never fall into that situation.. EVER!!!! So go read the book! I’m going to go watch the movie and compare! 

3. Day 3 –  Bag stolen from my mum –

It's on sale now!!

4. Day 4 –  iPhone App of the day!!

My iPhone doesn’t work in Lagos, but I roamed it to be able to get text messages and important phone calls. I found out something stunning and somewhat exciting!! There’s an app called Around me and for some reason, it works here in Lagos!! I was sooo excited and surprised because most of the apps don’t work in Africa.

Around me literally shows Banks, Bars, Coffee, Gas Stations, Hospitals, Hotels and sooo much more Around YOU!

Here is what is around me in Lagos!

                                                                             It’s free and extremely user-friendly!

5. Day 5 –  Blog of the Day – EAT DRINK CHIC

picture from eatdrinkchic

I recently stumbled upon this blog and even though it’s not as famous as the previous blog love – Karla’s Closet. I love this blog because it has a homey feeling to it, and it is very clean!!

Her name is Amy Moss, She says that ” she considers herself a stylist, and finds pretty things and blogs about it”.

Her Ice-cream wonderland/ parlor  is soo amazing! I wish I was that creative! Maybe I’ll pick a thing or two and share it with you guys!! Check out her blog below by clicking on the blog love!

6. Day 6 –  Online Shopping –

Usually, I would shop at,,, and so many other well known online shopping websites.. But recently, I’ve been trying to discover new places to shop because I get tired and bored of going to the exact same places!

Due to this Online Shopping boredom of not having enough choices, I went hunting! AND I discovered Stephie’s Shop! It’s a Singaporean store that sells the cutest clothes ever!! I recently bought a dress that I wore to one of my besties 22nd Birthday party and it was extremely worth it to wait for that long to get it! She recently updated her website and the good thing about her store is everyday she adds new clothes and sends out an email telling you. Click on her logo to find out more about the store! I promise, you wont be disappointed (If you expected more, Sorry!). If you know of any other websites, don’t be afraid to share it with me!! 🙂

7. Day 7 –  Screening – Friends with Benefits

My friends and I went for the screening of Friends with Benefit.  Most people already felt that it was another NO STRINGS ATTACHED, only with a somewhat different storyline , younger cast and has more comedy. Well, I agree!

It was an extremely funny movie and I think everybody should watch it! You’ll get a lot of laughs from this movie.

It was similar to No strings attached because they were both doing the same “doing it without feeling anything” (do people really do that ? like my one of my besties said – ” it is a very unhealthy relationship” ) . There are a lot of similarities but I’ll go over them AFTER Friends with Benefits comes out July 222nd!! Go watch No strings attached and then watch Friends with Benefits and let me know what you think!!

8. Day 8 – FUN TRIPS –  Thrift Trip!

I went thrift shopping with my best friend and we got a lot of deals!!! I got dresses, cute tops and bags and I got an earring for free!! Hopefully by next week, we will have pictures of before and after of all the clothes that we bought! It was my first time going to a thrift shop and it was kinda exciting and overwhelming. Pictures are gonna be uploaded soon!!!

Sneak Peek

free tribal earrings from thrift store!

9. Day 9 –  PICTURE OF THE WEEK! –

My bf  and I went to Dave and Busters and we won this cutie  Pie!! It doesn’t have a name yet but it soo cute!

10. Day 10 –   Video of the Week! – A friend of mine showed me this video of being Nigerian!! Watch and Enjoy!!! 

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  1. inspirationalmojo permalink
    June 29, 2011 6:05 am

    Dee, I like this! Your blog is cool 🙂

    • June 29, 2011 10:27 am

      Aww Thank you!! That means a lot to me!

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