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Atlanta Underground Market!

August 3, 2011

I just moved into a new apartment and it’s been so hectic that I couldn’t even find a free day to do anything. I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction that I want my blog to go through and I want it to be something that would actually enrich, teach and make people laugh… I’ve decided to give my blog a minor face lift and actually have themes for it. It’s going to be 365: food, fun, fashion. I’m still going to talk about things I feel I should talk to everybody about but it will be more focused and I will actually be able to blog every week! I’ll still have my 10 things I love’d about the past week, 365 favorites, The not so ordinary tales of ordinary travelers, Love this, Breathe In, Waant It and Live It! Please Subscribe!!!!

It was about a year ago that I was looking for a place to go where I could meet interesting people, have excellent and out of the world food and enjoy the company of 50 people moving up and down tasting food, talking about food, taking pictures of food but only for the select few and those that are actually interested. I came across the Atlanta Underground Market. It’s free to sign up, and the entry fee is only $3.00 and the food is extremely delicious and extremely cheap!!  The locations are always extraordinary and so much fun. When I went with my BF it was at a Goat farm and there were some chickens there too… lol.. You can also be a vendor, show off your cooking skills and make some extra cash!

I had the gluten free cookies from Dr Sweets,  the chicken from Senegal Kwashe’s…. the cake pops from cake balls by Nikki …. the Guava dessert from Sugerloft…. The beer pasta..THEY WERE ALL AMAZING!!!!! I only wish I had a better and more powerful camera! But it was an amazing event that I would never forget and would be going for in the near future… The next market is going to be on August 6th at… SIGN UP Here to find out!

Ever heard of the Dîner en Blanc? Well I heard about it thanks to New York Times which I religiously read every morning at work. Feel free to read the article here. Guess what?!! They are having the exact same thing in Atlanta on August 14th! It’s free to get in and you can reserve your own spot here.. Goodluck!!

Bonus of the day… Creeper Mannequin at the AUM!

Well, have a good day everybody!!

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