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Just Breathe!SexandtheCity!!LoveThis!!!

August 25, 2011

School started last week and I’m just getting the hang of how things are going to work out so I can end this semester perfectly!!I’m definitely going to work hard to make this blog keep going and send interesting facts about whats happening in my not soo interesting life!

London was amazing except for the riots, Lagos was crazy and I miss it!  Now am back “home” and enjoying looking for parking 5 mins before class , SMH at the new freshies (freshmen) that wear heels to class thinking it’s SEXY in this freaking HOT SUN!  Not really understanding what my french professor is saying and nodding that I do… and praying to God I graduate with PERFECT grades!!

All I can do right now is BREATHE!! Listening to Anna Nalick’s 2:am 🙂

My BF and my sister’s banned me from going shopping and I remembered a Sex and the City quote,since I can’t “shop” I can daydream right ???

I’ve seen a lot of things that I love that has been on my to-do list forever!! Hopefully I can get to them soon! One of the DIY’s that I really really want to “try” is this from Honestly….WTF ?

Making your own Wrap Bracelet!!

From what I can see, it looks very facile! ! I might be attempting it next week! Will give an update on that!

It should be totally fun! right ? Here are some pictures from Honestly…WTF on the DIY. Not my Pictures!




They look sooo cool! I’m definitely trying it! Would upload my attempt next week!! Have a good day/week/month y’all!

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