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November 7, 2011

This is a continuous memory sharing post that I started a while back! I decided to make a list of 5 memorable days…Not that they are more important than some other things that have happened, but they are the ones that come up when I actually sit down to think about it.  I will state how old I was, and the story…

1. 10 yrs old – Ever lost your little sister in London ? Well, I have!! It was the most awful day ever! She told my dad and I she was going to the toilet and for 20 mins, she didn’t come back. I went into the toilet and she wasn’t there… The first thing I did was to start crying and then I told my dad.. We went berserk!! Called the police officer and everybody was looking for her.. They kept asking me questions and all I remember doing is crying and crying.. 2 hrs later, she was found! She apparently went to another station thinking we “left” her!! I was soooo ANGRY and secretly happy!!!!!

2. Present day –  Traveling domestic in Nigeria is very scary! I went to Abuja to go get a new visa and when I was coming back this is what I encountered while I was sitting in between two people,

Man  – I heard it is going to rain today

Woman – No O, if it rains, this plane will be shaking, and we all know what happens then

Man – Ah, that can’t happen (looking out the window with worry on his face)

A few minutes later it starts raining and the plane starts to shake

Woman – Jesus! God! Please O!! AHH…

Man – This is not good!! This is not good!!

Woman – (Holding her head) EH… Jesus O!! What is this!???!!

Man – Ah, this plane is shaking too much!

In my head am like WTH ?! Why are these people making matters worse?!!!! Then the plane starts going up and down

Man – Jesus!! What is going on here OOO!! Ah!!

Asian People in front of us – Quiet, but you could tell from their face that they were scared because they had been talking for a while

Suddenly the Plane starts going down really fast and EVERYBODY is silent except the woman next to me  Shaking and holding her head! I was soo scared, I almost started running up and down in panic! But thankfully we got back to Lagos safely.

3. 17 yrs old –  I was addicted to Anime for a very very long time! I remember staying at home for  a week watching dramas without moving.. It was like I was a game addict! I was soo drawn into the what was going on. My friends tried to get me out of the house but I just wouldn’t budge except for the occasional cookie and coke that I needed to keep my eyes awake for the next 24hrs.. By the time I came back I thought everybody was speaking Japanese, it was scary!

4. 17 yrs old – Freshman Year was a Year of  being doubtful, insecure, scared and home sick. One morning, I had just gotten out of a class where I was the only International Student and the only Student that was of a different Race.. I was extremely shy and very very very self conscious! I remember leaving class faster than everybody else and trying to get out of the door without being stopped.. only to be stopped by a staff / faculty who said to me ” You are an extremely Beautiful Young Lady” I looked back and there was nobody there except me.. That definitely made my day and she will never know that she made my semester that day!

5. 8 yrs old – As a child, I used to dance, sing and perform for our church and then something happened that would change everything I did growing up. I was supposed to introduce our group and say thank you after the performance.. When we finished performing, my brain was in a haze.. I couldn’t remember what  I was supposed to do or say… Everybody had left the stage except me and I was supposed to thank the audience.. All I remember doing is running down the podium and running out of the church crying! I had been asked by the pastor do you have anything else to say ? I dropped the microphone and RAN for my life.. LOL..thinking back now, I can’t help but laugh!

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