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10 things I love: Room Edition Instagram Style! ♥

November 10, 2011

1. Paintings – I painted this last year and I love it! I miss painting 😦 This is hanging in my room right now in all its glory!! 🙂 . Do you like it ? Comment and let me know!! Maybe that will motivate me to paint more!!

2. Motivational Artifacts – “I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe” – Delai Lama. Having this in my room makes me happy.. It just reminds me that there is hope even in the tiniest things 🙂

3. I got this as a souvenir in New Orleans! It was such an amazing trip with the best people ever!! I held hands with my bf for the first time there! * I know…….* trust me it wasn’t a love at first touch kinda thing.. we were both like ookayyy why the hell are we holding hands… please let go of my hand!!! (me) lol.


4. You know when you think of a guy drawing you… you think of titanic… Well, I think of Titanic!!

My real life portrait drawing session didn’t go that way.. LOL… I definitely didn’t get any “heart of the ocean” necklace.. A really nice boy who I paid $10 drew this for me at New York.. I do not have a tiny waist.. neither do I have big boobs.... I do not know where he got that from… maybe he looked into my eyes and saw what he thought I needed!! Guys…. *tsk tsk* or maybe that’s why it’s called a Caricature ?

5. This was a gift from one of my High School best friends! He is such a sweet heart! I love Monsters Inc and I still watch it when it comes on.. I’ve had this for 5 years now 🙂 You can see Boo holding the drawing of Randall and you can also see Randall in all his scary glory.. gosh I do not like him!! 

6. My paint brushes 🙂 Most of them have Pink on them as Pink is my favorite color! Last time I used them, I was painting my Baby Cousin’s present which she absolutely loved!

7. Guess who made this?!!!!!! ME!!!! I was so happy this summer when I was being taught how to crotchet.. I made this within 2 weeks… and it is soo gorgeous and warm and cute and arghh!!! I’ve been asked where I bought it and my insides want to shout * CAN U BELIEVE I MADE THIS!??* I know it’s not as awesome as building a computer, or building an iPhone.. But I’m happy to have made this 🙂 ✽

8. I went shopping with some students in China and we went to the Art district  “which is amazing”. I entered a really tiny artifact shop and the first thing I saw was this painting and trust me.. it was love at first sight!… It was heavy but I took it with me from China to South Korea and finally to the USA. My bf must have thought I was CRAZY.. It just represents me.. “Today I don’t feel like doing anything… I just want to lay in my bed” and she looks so cool! Don’t you think so ?! 

9. If you can’t tell by now.. I love keeping things for a very very very long time.. These are some of the gifts I’ve received from friends, loved ones, travels.. Some from Canada,Dubai, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, China,London, Japan and all over America! My goal is to get as many snow globes from all the States in America.. You can’t see them in this picture but I have a lot of snow globes thanks to my really nice friends♥♥

10. Who better to say this to you but your very own pillow!! I love this pillow cover.. got it from H&M in London this year.  Off to bed! My pillow is calling me! 🙂

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