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Menswear 001; Sweaters

January 16, 2012

I love Menswear, and recently most of them are adapted to be for women ! Isn’t that awesome!!?. There’s the typical boyfriend jacket, boyfriend bag, boyfriend watch (which I absolutely love!), boyfriend shirts, and boyfriend jeans.

Some people say that men don’t have a lot of clothes to work with.. I beg to differ! Have you seen the following pictures ? I love when guys look really really good, especially in sweaters! It’s just soo cool! Plus, I love to see how I can wear them too lol! Last month, I got a sweater from the mens section of H&M and It looked perfect with my black tights!  


now.. tell me guys don’t have style!! 

images via here, here and here

Soo cute!! I decided to put together a woman friendly, menswear must haves! Sweater Edition

Lots of checkered collared shirt ( You can find most of them in Hollister, A&F, Old Navy, and Forever 21)

 Large Sweaters ( I love black and blue)

Wrap Bracelets, sometimes beaded bracelets

Converse ( I prefer flats, like the H&M Flats up top!)

Have a good Evening!! 

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