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D.I.Y Inspiration

January 18, 2012

I love making things…. but I have a bad habit of starting things and not completing it.. For example, I have 2 scarfs I started last year.. and I haven’t completed them. I also have a scrapbook that I started for a very special occasion and IT NEVER FINISHED!! LOL..  But that doesn’t stop me from making a list of things to do! 🙂 

Here we go! 

1. iPad case  

I saw this and loved it!  Have you ever thought about a Bookcase cover for your iPad or Kindle ?! I haven’t.. glad somebody came up with it! ! I was super excited when I saw this D.I.Y!. You should check it out! It’s fast and easy to do too! I’ll definitely be making this as a gift soon

2. DIY Side Split Wrapped Bodice Dress 

Ever heard of the blog called A pair & a Spare ?.. Well  now you have! She has the most amazing fashion D.I.Y’s from Glitter boots to Burberry inspired heels to Leather collar shirts! She does it all! I felt like I had to do one of the D.I.Y’s on her blog and this dress spoke to me! Looks easy enough.. right ? 

3. Paint Swatches

Ever seen the paint swatches from home depot, Joann’s, or Michael’s ? Did you know the type of creativity that one can achieve or come by , by just having a stack of about 1000 or even 10 of them ?!.  You could make beautiful art with these pieces! I saw this,  this and this and put it on my to-do list! They are relatively cheap and easy to do! My wardrobe will be getting a major face lift… as soon as I stop looking at blogs and focus on cleaning! 

4. Coiled Paper

Recycling just got funner? * yes I know it is not a wordbut oh well!!. Do you have a lot of magazine piled up in your living room like I do ?! Well, here is a great way of using it and being very very green! I love this idea! It is very artistic and looks fun to play with!! I found them from here and here

5. Cupcake/Muffin Lamp 

love cupcakes and anything that has to do with them.. frosting… sprinkles.. chocolate… hmmm!! .

Can you imagine the excitement I felt when I came across this ? I was like wow!! that is soo cute!  You can have this anywhere, from an office, to a little girls room, pretty much anywhere else you would love to have these cute cupcakes! But when I looked to read the instructions,they were in German! But fear not… I also found the instructions in English from, you guys should go check her out!!!!

So which ones are you going to try to make ?!! Let me know! Maybe we can share more ideas or tips!  🙂


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