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Starbucks; PE Studio

January 23, 2012

Hi everybody!!! Hope you’ve all been good ! If not take a look at this and maybe that will make you smile! 

So today, am going to be talking about something really cool!!

Insta.gram is one of my favorite apps on the iPhone, and am sure a lot of you have it and love it! If you don’t, get it now! It is awesome!!!  Whenever I post pictures, I usually use instagram, but today, I’m going to be using a new app I think all of you should try! It’s called Photoeffect Studio or PE Studio. It has a lot of effects that are somewhat similar and very different from the effects that are on the instagram. To show how fun this app is, I recently went to Starbucks and decided  to use it.  They produced these amazing pictures!

What do you think ? Will you try using it for just one day ? I’m an instagram addict too.. but I can be flexible too! lol! 

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