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5; Apps!

January 27, 2012

Bored?! There’s an app for that! Do you ever get tired of hearing that ? I don’t! I love all the apps on my iPhone, and I’ll love to share 5 apps that I can’t end the day without looking at!! 

1. Bakery Story – I know, it’s kind of childish, but I love it! Here is a conversation I had with one of my best friends O – 

Within a week, she was addicted! Got to level 20 before I even reached 5! LOL!! After scrambling for her phone every second, waking up in the middle of the night to serve her virtual customers and tipping other bakers!

She finally admitted that she really really liked it! I still play bakery story and I absolutely love how awesome it is! I was going to challenge myself by cooking everything they served… still in the thinking process. Do you think it’s doable ???

2. Temple Run – My boyfriend is addicted to this game!I am too, but not as good.. He got the best score on my phone.. and I can’t even get close to it!! I mean… if you have to break down the steps of what you do.. you do not really do that much.. all you have to do is jump, duck, make sure you do not hit a branch,watch out for the pit holes, don’t get burnt, don’t get eaten by the evil chimps, and get enough coins! That’s simple logic… right ?! Well NO! Not if you are in a temple with all those traps! This game is freaking intense! LOL!! Maybe I’ll beat his high score sometime 😦 

3. Words with Friends – This game is making waves across the globe! Everybody plays it! I just got it last week and I love it! It is a lot of fun… The only problem I have with it is that some of the real words are not counted as words! For example, June! why isn’t June a word ?! Anyways, click on my current game and see tips on how to win

4. Photo Effect Studio – If you haven’t seen my post on how fun it is to get a quick break from insta.gram for just a day or two, and adapt a new photo pet, click here to see the amazing pictures it created when I want to Starbucks! Here is one more; Roses my uncle and his family gave me last month, still have them lol!!  

5. Pinterest – This app is almost exactly like the actual website! I love how you can view each person you are following’s pins individually and you can also take a picture of something you want to share or pin. Pinterest is really fun, and you can easily get addicted to it! I love the food section.. It just brings about a lot of ideas for lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks, just want to eat now.. and also how to lose all of the calories you gain! Love it!! Don’t you just love that salad ?! YUM!! 

What apps do you love ?  Also, why do you love them ?? I will love to know so I can get them too!! Thank you for sharing in advance 🙂 

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