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5; Not so very Valentine

February 10, 2012

Valentines Day is next week and I felt like I should share some things that are not “appropriate” for valentine’s day. I asked a very reliable source and here is what we discussed!

1. Forgetting Valentine’s Day – If you are in a relationship, It is somewhat expected to celebrate valentine’s day.. Some guys forget and plan last-minute gifts. Here are some tips on last-minute gifts. Make sure you have flowers, It doesn’t have to be fancy, you can go here, they have same day deliveries,  make sure you take her to her favorite restaurant, and if it is fully booked, get to cooking! Also, make sure you get her a gift. Stop by a mall, I’m sure you’ll find a beautiful necklace or bracelet!

Good Luck!!

2. Not giving Gifts that are meaningful – You see, women are of a very different species.. We might lie, pretend and say.. I don’t think valentine’s day is all that…what’s the big deal ? You can get me anything! No big deal, I don’t need a gift! But deep inside, some of us actually mean it and some of us really don’t. But for those that want to play it safe, get meaningful gifts that you know she will use, love and adore! Click here for ideas.

3. Calling  your Ex or stalking your Ex – This is something that was kind of interesting to me, and I read something where it said this –  Don’t start looking at online photos of your ex – why be depressed by their happiness without you. I particularly loved what this article said

ABORT! I repeat, ABORT! If you are considering this as you look tearfully out your bedroom window with The Holiday soundtrack playing in the background, ABORT! On a day like this it’s natural to have your thoughts drift to the last person you were with, but you broke up for a reason and even Cupid can’t create a day big enough to change that. Avoid the Valentine’s Day emotional hangover and don’t attempt a reconnect.
4.  Trying to Impress your single friend – If you are dating, and you get a fabulous gift, do not “shove” or “show off”  your gifts to your single friends. It is rude and extremely childish. Instead, you should also give them gifts. Not really expensive gifts like a perfume, but little things like cookies, chocolates and maybe a gift card  to a spa! I’m sure everybody will be happy 🙂 

5.   What do you think is not so very valentine ?! I will love to hear from everybody! 🙂 


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