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Wednesday Girls!

March 7, 2012

Hi Everybody!! How has your day been so far ? 

Today we are going to be talking about weddings.. My best friends and I went to a wedding recently, and I noticed that Women, in particular criticise weddings.. in a good and bad way. We all have a picture of how “our” wedding has to be.. The color schemes that are “good” those that are “bad” and all sorts of things come into our mind. I only care about the food!  Well, who would blame us ? That’s the day we say I do to somebody that will hopefully love us for who we are and live happily ever after.. right?  Unlike some women out there, I have NO idea what colors I want my wedding to have, I don’t even know where I am getting married, who ? when ? why ? yea… but for some, they know it, and I envy them. I can’t wait to plan my wedding.. but until then, I’ll be going to as many as I can, and crashing as many as I know about! 

Question: What type of wedding will you want to have ?

Here’s what we wore! 

Due to my lack of having a superior camera, it’s kind of blurry especially the one at the end but as somebody said, it doesn’t take the beauty out of it! 

still nearly headless! 

I would love to hear feedback from everybody!! 

Have a good Wednesday!! 

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