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DIY; Polymer Coasters!

March 27, 2012

My sister and I have been looking for coasters for a while now since we got our own apartment. I searched and searched but they were so expensive and I didn’t want to waste money! So, I decided to make mine! You know, be creative 🙂

I just discovered Polymer and  you can use them to make ANYTHING! I’m going to try to make necklaces with them using this. It looks super easy, right ?! 

Ok, Let’s make Polymer Coasters!

Roll out the polymer clay, make it into a thin line

Roll the thin line into a circle, make it as big as you can. Repeat the step with a different color, I used pink.

Put your coaster into the oven (265) for 30 mins, until it’s hard

Cut out felt material. I made two coasters, so I cut them into 2 squares which eventually become circles

Cut the felt into a circle  to fit the coaster

Glue the felt to the hardened coaster 

You are done!! 

They look very home-made but they are super cute!! 

Have a good day!! 🙂 

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