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Summer, I miss you….

December 1, 2012

I come from a place where it’s HOT all the freaking time, and I miss it. Here, its cold now and I miss summer, I guess my body can only take two types of weather, very Hot, and Hot (when summer is ending). I was going through some of the pictures G and I  took earlier this year, and I thought to post them.  I have an exam this week which I am sooo not ready for, but oh well.. gost to take it and hope for the best!

G has started humming Christmas songs… actually he’s been doing that since the beginning of July and now he’s in full CHRISTMAS SONG mode. He tried to persuade me to decorate my apartment… we’ll see about that! So are you excited for Christmas ? I am,  but with Christmas comes all these AMAZING sales every where and it’s not helping my already depleting bank account 😦 GILT especially has been going crazy!! especially with the 50% off already reduced items they had recently… I was like OOOOOMMMGGGGG!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!! I text my mum to aid me in combating the sales , she’s a good defense fighter especially for places like GILT, she’s always ready to back me up! Love you Mummy!! Now back to the pictures! One of the famous monuments has been a hit on Widescreen lately, he starred as a Vampire Hunter… (which is so ridiculous….)

I love Chloe sooo much!!!!!!!

Summer, I’ll be waiting!

Have a great Weekend!!!!!!! 

Love, Dee

Outfit 1 - Dress- Forever 21 lace dress (old), Shirt - Chambray Shirt - Just a Cheap Shirt - , Jewelry- Indian Bracelet - Thrifted, Pearl and Jade beads from China (Got them when I went to China earlier last yr), 
Outfit 2 - Bag - Mini Alexa bag - Mulberry, Top - H&M top, Jewelry - Same as Above and H&M, Shorts - Old navy, Shoes - Guess flats. 
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