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Outfit ; Black and White

December 6, 2012

How have you been ? Hope you’ve been great!!  Hope it’s not too cold, or too hot ?  If you’ve been feeling down lately, here is an encouragement just for you,

I always have to encourage myself so I know that everything will be alright, and so far, it’s been good!

Last weekend, we went to see Beauty and the Beast and it was AMAZING. Little kids were wearing their little princess clothes, I thought they were soo cute!! OOO… to be young again 🙂 wearing all that glitter and tiaras without looking ridiculous…

I’m a fan of old Disney  i.e the 30’s 40’s to the 90’s and some of the recent ones…. nowadays, I have no idea what they are showing…. Mars needs Moms ?  ( really?? ?) Have you watched it ?  I was a little bit impressed with Tangled, and The Princess and the Frog… Much more Tangled though. My favorite Disney movies are Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin ( because he reminds me of a certain someone),  The Parent Trap ( Did you watch the Thanksgiving episode of New Girl, Parent trapping – Hilarious) , and The Little Mermaid.

So here’s what I wore,   My sister said I looked futuristic.. Is that true ?

 Have a great day and Remember, Never GIVE UP!!! 

Love, Dee!! 

What are your favorite Disney movies ??

Laffaire laser cutout top, Hello Kitty Watch, H&M Maxi skirt , Miss Sixty shoes, Forever 21 Longline Tuxedo Jacket (out of stock, similar )

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