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December 30, 2012

Happy New Year in Advance Everybody!!!! Thanks for sharing this year with me! Hopefully,I will be sharing a lot more with everybody!! I only have one new years resolution (actually I have a lot) but one of them is to blog everyday… I mean my blogs’ name is 36xty5 (365 days 🙂 ) so I will post something every day.. even if it’s just a smile!

Things I’m dreaming/thinking of for the New Year!

This year (2012), My life changed drastically, I didn’t have a schedule, a time-table. I was confused, aimless and kind of in a tangle of loops (is there something like that ?) I decided for next year, I must have a plan, and I have to live outside of my comfort bubble 🙂 I can’t waste any moment of my life.. especially when there is so much out there! (and I’m getting old-er)

Paint my nails more.. I know.. this is stupid but it is kind of what popped into my head as I am typing right now – my naked nails are pretty.. but I think they will be prettier with a little bit of gloss!

Bake and Cook more! I mean a lot more!!! and Explore other types of food! If you know me personally, you will know I LOVE food, even though I don’t look it..

Dream about getting this little cutie!! I want one… but I’ve never had a pet before… well except for those fish I had freshman and sophomore year.. (they died because of my stupidity… I put coins inside their tank for “decoration” and the copper killed them 😦 … I still flinch and laugh a little when I think about it.. poor fish)

Create More!!!! I have sooo much plans for this! Excited! 

I will share a lot more the first week of the New Year!! 


Start thinking positive thoughts for the New year!  So cheers to a  NEW YEAR of Creating, Dreaming, Cooking, Baking, and Exploring more about our world and ourselves! 

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