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Breakfast Interrupted!

January 2, 2013

Hello! How was your first day of the year ? I slept, slept and slept.. then I visited my uncles and their families who are just awesome, and extremely funny. By missing out on my morning by sleeping, I missed breakfast, as I usually do. I think it’s because ever since I was young, I’ve hated milk and cereal and that was what was usually offered to me before I went to school, and I never ate.. It’s followed me to  my 20’s and it’s quite sad because I LOVE BREAKFAST! I eat breakfast food for dinner, and sometimes midnight snacks. I saw this video Breakfast Interrupted and thought of how it reflect’s my desire for breakfast, but I never get the opportunity 😦 Do you always eat breakfast ? or are you like me that eats breakfast for Lunch (Brunch) or Dinner (Brinner ?) 

Have an awesome day!!  Maybe I’ll go eat Brinner today….

Love, Dee!! 



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