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The White Blazer

May 5, 2013
I’ve been looking for the perfect white blazer for a while now, and now that I’m moving, I’ve been taking inventory of what I have, what needs to leave, what needs to be replaced and what I think (convince myself and bank account) I need. By looking at my blazers inventory, I realized that they were all dark colors, because of this, I  decided to get the Calvin Klein Wide Lapel Cropped Tux Blazer in Coral (see below)  for $24.99, It was such a steal that I had to tell all my friends 🙂  Now it’s sold out… sorry ladies..  but you can find similar ones here, here and here
I’m currently looking for a well structured White Blazer. I’ve been to all my regular sites and I found these four.  I wonder which one to choose….  the little illustration in the middle is from inslee. I thought it went well with the blazer lookpage I made.
White Blazer loving

1.  Zara Cotton Blazer – $129

2. Mango Minimalistic Blazer – $90 

3. Topshop Textured Boyfriend Blazer –  $130

4. Topshop Slim Line Jacket – $90

Others are 

Forever 21 –

Open Cutaway Blazer – $32.80

Hook-Eye Tuxedo Blazer – $34.80

Open-Front Blazer – $32.80

Hope your Sunday was awesome!

Have a great week!!!  Mine is going to be filled with action.

Love, Dee!


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