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Inspiration; Pinterest Week!

September 22, 2013

If you follow me on Pinterest, I’m sorry, really I am… other people get addicted to really bad things.. but mine isn’t that bad right ? So indulge me!  I haven’t found the cure for over-pinning yet….I find myself pinning things I already pinned a couple of weeks ago… I catch myself clicking that Pinterest icon on my now Samsung (very temporary) phone and I just can’t help but touch that pin it button.. you should try it!  It must mean I really love it right ? Here are a few ( I had to cut it down from 50 to 5, you are lucky!) favorite Pin’s of the previous week 🙂


This top is so simple and very me.. but a bit pricey… click here

A lot of us don’t do this.. Instinct is to REACT! – Guy hits your car – Dude, are you for real!!???? (it could be your fault and not his… not that this happened to me) you get a different solution if you simply step back and just think a little bit about the situation.. 

People change.  

Sweet potatoes are so amazing… trust me, they are! 

Have a great week!!

If you are cranky on Mondays, This is for you! 

Don’t let your anger make you a Jerk chicken! 

images – Gemma Correl, Simplecomfortfood,Pinterest

Love, Dee! 


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