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I recommend; Books!

November 27, 2013

The only books I should be reviewing are my CPA books! But… for now, lets all just forget about that (don’t worry, after this post is done, CPA mode.. or half-mode will be back on) Can I just say that it is getting incredibly cold here ? I love Winter but Summer was AMAZING!  Sunny suns all day long! But now.. it’s back to reality. Over the summer I had the chance to dive into books that were given to me mostly by my mum 🙂 and my mentor! Some of them I could not resist at the airport WHSmith  because “they” kept saying how Amazing it was, soo as usual, I fell for it and I’m kinda glad I did!

First up is  ALLL of Khaled Hosseini books – The Kite Runner,  A Thousand Splendid Suns and  And The Mountains Echoed. I might be very slow in the Khaled Hosseini bus, but I’m glad I was not too late! These books brought back my no-sleeping until 5 am sleep that I tucked away after graduation. You would have thought I was studying for my final exams.. I heard there’s a movie for Kite Runner, but I refuse to watch it! Might spoil the good memories.. Have you watched it ? If so, let me know!

The Kite Runner is about two men, brothers, their past and future.. If you know me, you know I tell you the beginning and the end.. But for those of you that have not read it, please do, It’s very educative, and very eye-opening.. It just shows us that really.. we are all humans.. and life brings in so many things that at the end of the day, your actions matter and what you do after really depends on your conscience or lack of one.  Five stars for this one!

A Thousand Splendid Suns is about Family. Having a family that is not related to you by blood and seeing what they can sacrifice for you. It was as my mentor always says “deep”. It made me think of how I take being a Woman in a free world for granted, I went to Barnes and Noble the other day and I saw a book by Malala,one of the many voices that’s still showing us that today not all Women are equal… I’m grateful for the eye opener because now I know that in another place right now, some women are struggling to get the most basic respect as women, while those of us that have that privilege here are fighting and judging one another, and not even realizing what is really important. This book also made me realize that nobody is truly from one place, Home can be anywhere.  Five stars as well! 

The last book, And the Mountains Echoed  – Family, struggles, love. Mostly love, here we find disconnection between people who out of selfish reasons bring about misfortune but ultimately happiness.. even though found too late still came.  It’s strange how one can call a place home, and not know the customs, language but have a deep connection to their roots. It’s also amazing how people can serve without selfishness, greed or hatred. Some of the characters in this book make me re-evaluate myself.. How can one be selfless ? 

I’ve learnt A LOT from ALL three books and I hope he keeps writing them! 

Second – The Bone Season!

This BOOOOOOK is my new Harry Potter obsession.. It’s by Samantha Shannon, a 21-year-old from the UK.  It should not be compared with Harry Potter.. But I just can’t help it. It’s a mixture of Harry Potter, that vampire book that there’s a movie with those people who have a kid and there’s a war and whatnot,  and Hunger games. It’s a 7 part book about a young girl named Paige who is a clairvoyant and is called a dream-walker (mysterious). There’s a lot of action, magic (enter Harry Potter), sucking of auras (think of this as blood being your lifeline, enter Twilight), and trying to save people who are just like you from people higher up trying to make you kill your own kind  (enter Hunger games).  Five stars again…maybe 4 ?

What books have you been reading  ? (Enter CPA review books! )

Have a good day! 

Love, Dee! 

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