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Delicious Recipes; Simple Breakfast- Granola and Yoghurt

January 30, 2014

Hello Everybody!!  It’s been a long time since I posted anything related to food… And we all know how much I love food! I’m slowly adjusting to blogging and having a “real” job. Today is a very simple breakfast recipe. Nothing big here. I take this to work everyday and I introduced it to my little sister who as usual said I was right about it being delicious! I love Noosa yoghurt especially the Passion Fruit, It’s to die for! I only wish they made them in bigger packages because I get done with mine in two days…. I also recently discovered Ruby’s Gold Granola which is sugar-free, and gluten-free, my favorite is the orange and dark chocolate granola. Yum! 

Well, here is the “recipe”~ 


3 heaping spoons of any  Noosa Yoghurt of your choice,  preferably Passion Fruit/Blueberry

1 handful of coconut flakes

As much granola as you want

If you want a little bit of sweetness, add maple syrup to the yoghurt

In a plate, put yogurt, maple syrup, coconut shavings and granola! Ta-da! Hassle free breakfast, ready to run out of the house with.. 

Eat and Repeat! 

gran 2

Have a great day!! 

Love, Dee! 

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