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Daylight Savings.. ughhh

March 9, 2014

It’s that time of the year again… where the whole of North America turns their clocks forward.. Here is how my boyfriend and I feel about it… 



You see… where I’m from.. the time is the time.. nobody moves it forward or backward.. Now I have to wake up earlier.. Or at least my body is going to feel that way.. 

So the point is.. as much as we hate it, lets not forget to turn (sadly) our clocks forward today! (March 9th 2014)! 

Have a great Week

Love, Dee! 


March 5, 2014


Do you love food ??? I’ve recently gotten on this crazy Thai Food obsession.. Did someone say Panang/Penang/ พะแนง curry?! GOSH! I LOVE IT! 

Hope your week has been going great! 

I just want this WINTER to right now..Summer,come back please.. we miss you!

Love, Dee! 

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